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Thanks (L'Arc~en~Ciel oneshot/challenge)

Title: Thanks
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KenxHyde
Genre/Warning: Fluff, Humour, AU, Crossdressing, Costumes, Romance
Disclaimer: I place no claimants on the, only the story.
Summary: Ken is dressing up for Halloween, and Hyde is coming with him...
Comment: This is for the 30 day challenge from Tumblr. This is the story for Day 16, and I'm halfway through the challenge! Happy Halloween everyone!

Hyde wonders what Ken is doing messing up his room. Hyde huffs and pouts, for he had just cleaned it up this morning while Ken went out for a meeting. All that hard work was for nothing and there was not even a ‘thank you’ from Ken when he returned home so quickly today.

He keeps trying to find clothes that don’t seem like something Ken wears while going out. He wonders on what is with Ken and his sudden need to mess the bedroom up and wearing weird clothes.

Then Hyde remembers the date. October 31st. Halloween day.

“Where are you going tonight?” Hyde asks, just a bit curious of where Ken is going while dressed up for Halloween.

“Oh, there’s a Halloween party in a club I was invited to. And Tetsu told me to at least wear a costume AND makeup,” Ken explains while rolling his eyes. He doesn’t notice Hyde looking down and feel envious hearing that.

“Must be fun then,” Hyde mumbles, leaning by the doorway. He never went to parties before with past owners, unless it was to show off and flaunt around. Ken is not the kind to do that, since he kept his vow to treat him as an equal. Well, at least he’s got a laptop and PlayStation 3 to be preoccupied with, courtesy of Ken himself for buying one for him and sharing it respectively.

At least he thinks so until Ken tosses him some clothes towards him.

“You don’t mind dressing up for the party, right?” Ken asks, having found his old striped suit that he is hoping can still fit. Hyde blinks at the dress before looking up at Ken.

“I’m going to the party too?” Hyde is thinking this is too good to be true.

“No, we’re going to an opera house,” Ken sarcastically replies before he grins. “Of course you’re going too. Tetsu booked the whole place and gave me two tickets. Can’t have the other ticket wasted. So get dressed, unless you don’t want to wear a dress, I can find you something else in here somewhere—“

“No!” Hyde cuts off Ken, then quickly answers, “I don’t mind wearing a dress. As long as it fits and there’s makeup to go along with it, then I’m fine.”

Hyde can’t help but smile though walking to his room to change his attire. As much as he disliked being shown off as a trophy wife, he does enjoy parties.

Once in the dress, he notices that if he squint his eyes, it looks like some wedding dress though it’s tacky and torn. Hyde figures out that he might be some zombie bride tonight. He hears a knock, and he turns around, seeing Ken, wearing a suit and tie, nervously steps in to his room.

“I was hoping you can help me with the makeup,” he says, looking away while scratching the back of his head before he lays his eyes on Hyde wearing the dress. “…Wow, you look…”

“What?” Hyde asks, feeling a little bit uncomfortable being stared by Ken like that.

“Nothing! It’s just… you look beautiful in that dress,” Ken says in a breathless tone, as though to Hyde, he sounds like he really couldn’t believe that he does look good in a dress, and it sounded sincere in Hyde’s opinion.

“Thanks,” Hyde smiles, gesturing Ken over to him. “Come on, I’ll do your makeup. I know what we can look like.”

Once he had done Ken’s face and hair, and he does his, Ken can see what kind of theme that Hyde decided to go by with the costumes they have. He looks like Victor Van Dort while Hyde is Emily from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

“Didn’t know you like that movie,” Ken comments, finding it unbelievable that Hyde is that good with makeup despite having seen him done it a few times.

“Tim Burton’s films are very interesting to me,” Hyde grins while concentrating on the mascara to his eyes. “And I always have flair in visual makeup, especially for dress ups in Halloween. In my opinion, you either go big or go home.”

“Well, there is a contest held in the party for best pair up of costumes, so we might beat everyone else,” Ken smirks.

“We’re going to kick their asses,” Hyde smirks, putting down the mascara and picking up a lipstick of his colour of choice. Ken cannot help but chuckle at that. Months after coming to his home, Hyde is now so relaxed around him that he can poke and prod at him, even after that weird conversation they’ve had with Tetsu. He loves it, though, because he can see Hyde in a more human side instead of the one he saw the first time they met.

Once Hyde is done and gives a few last minute inspections of any problems, he puts on a veil and tells Ken that he’s ready.

“Here,” Ken hands him a thick coat. “It’s cold outside and we’ll need it just in case.”

“Thanks,” Hyde puts in on and then pauses, feeling warmer in his heart and mind as he looks up at Ken. “Hey Ken?”



“It’s nothing,” Ken waves his hand.

“No, I mean thanks for everything you did for me so far,” Hyde blushes and bites his bottom lip, looking down despite the fact that the foundation on his face is hiding his blush. “I never felt so… free and happy living with you. Even though I know what I still am, you’re the best man I ever met. I’m happy that I’m your companion than anything else.”

Ken looks at him in shock for a moment upon hearing what Hyde told him, and then he smiles and pulls Hyde in a hug.

“It’s really nothing,” Ken whispers. “I never regret the day I took you in. I can’t ask for anything more from you.”

When they pull back, he sees Ken blushing too, and Hyde smirks, now figuring out what Ken is feeling towards him. He has a trick up his sleeve…

“By the way, I want to ask you. Where did you get this dress?” Hyde asks.

“Erm…” Ken looks away. “Tetsu just shoved it into my arms this afternoon and told me that this is going to be your costume. I didn’t even have time to complain when he left immediately afterwards.”

Hyde’s smirks went even wider.


He pulls Ken towards him and presses his lips against his.

“No need to be sorry,” Hyde teases. “I like it.”

Ken’s face is hilarious right now, looking shocked and surprised of the kiss. If only he can take a picture to make it last longer, but no matter, it is Hyde’s to keep in his memory.

“Now come on, or we’ll be late for the party,” Hyde says, pulling Ken’s hand and walk towards the door.

Meanwhile for Ken, the kiss sparks up something within him. He knows what that feeling is, and he is well aware he can no longer keep a façade and hide it from Hyde. Tetsu was right, and it took its damn time to let it surface.

He just hopes that Hyde can be patient to wait for him, or push him into saying those three words for him.

A/N: This is the sequel for my previous KenxHyde AU stories like Companion and Denial.

Originally, I wanted to write KenxHyde with the theme word "Thanks" as Ken bringing Hyde to a baseball ground where he used to do baseball in his childhood and taught Hyde how to play certain positions in baseball, had fun, and Hyde thanked him for inviting him to play baseball and into Ken's childhood as a sign that he's something more to Ken than some companion.

But then I noticed that I'm going to post it in Halloween and the story was not sufficient in data for baseball, so I chucked it away and switched to this.

Look at the progress they're going through! :D

Enjoy and comment~


Nov. 1st, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
off course I kept my promise :)
Nov. 1st, 2013 07:00 pm (UTC)
Too bad nobody else decided to comment after reading it Q u Q